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to the soccer game against canada as the neighbors from the north refuse to back down forcing extra time. it's "way too early" for this. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. this is "way too early," the show that is much more fun when i'm watching from my sofa at home. glad you're watching us. let us know why you're awake. or tweet us. or you can do what alex morgan do and text the word "awake" followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. that was a go usa yell. before we get to the news, willie geist is in london to
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give us a preview of what to expect. willie, good morning. >> i couldn't agree more. the show looks so much better from a distance. especially five hours ahead. >> when i'm on my sofa watching you, it's a great show. >> not as great standing there at 5:30 being on tv. i have great olympic action. an incredible game. they are calling it one of the best soccer games ever. canada leads the loss to the u.s. one player saying the referee should have been wearing an american jersey because that's who she was playing for. high lielgts from london a little later. >> it was a nail biter. a great one to watch. thank you. we'll talk to you soon. we are learning more about the suspected shooter who killed six people in wisconsin before he was gunned down by police. he's identified as 40-year-old army vet wade michael page. he walked into this temple on
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sunday morning, opened fire with a handgun. civil rights groups have been tracking him for a decade because of his ties to white supremacy groups. while in the military, records show page struggled with alcohol abuse. after six years of service he was discharged because of a drinking problem. police say he had an arrest record in four different states mostly for drunk driving. federal authorities say they believe he acted alone is and the shootings are being called a possible domestic terrorism case although no motive has been identified. now to it the latest on the civil war in syria. new reports the state department and the pentagon are cramping plans for a post-assad syria. according to unnamed officials, this plan includes urging opposition leaders to refrain from retaliation and maintain
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security after the fall of assad's forces offering civilians economic aid in the form of food and medical supplies and on a broader economic scale finding ways to dismantle sanctions currently crippling the economy. we learned yesterday that assad's prime minister had pled to jordan. richard angle is on the ground with more. >> reporter: attacking the state tv station, the bombing caused injuries but didn't knock the channel off the air. a short time later, it broadcast this announcement. the prime minister, the television said, had been fired. but that's not what happened. the prime minister fled the country, the first cabinet minister to defect. he had been hiding for two days. >> translator: he was chosen to be part of this criminal regime, but he decided to join the syrian people and their blessed
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revolution. >> reporter: the syrian government could be collapsing from within. but its feared and powerful military is still working and still on the attack, especially in aleppo. 20,000 syrian troops are on the western edge and are attacking with tanks and fighter jets. a rebel commander with 100 fighters in aleppo told us if they don't receive an influx of weapons within the next 72 hours, they will have to give up the fight. >> do all the rebels agree if you don't get support, you'll have to surrender the city. >> translator: yes, he says there's been an agreement for a tactical retreat to save lives. >> reporter: aleppo has been under attack for two weeks and the rebels of 3,000 can't hold out much longer. >> that was richard angle reporting now from northern syria.
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to politics where the obama campaign has struggled to match mitt romney and the republicans in fundraising for the third straight month. they reported the july fundraising haul of more than $101 million. that's compared with the $75 million brought in in the obama campaign in the dnc. july marked the second straight month that romney and the gop have holed in nine figures raising concerns the president will be badly outspent down the stretch. shortly after the numbers were announced, the obama campaign e-mailed this to supporters. "if we don't step it up, we're in trouble." he had a stop in sanford where he launched a new line of attack on the tax plan. >> he'd ask the middle class to pay more taxes to give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year. it's like robin hood in reverse.
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it's romneyhood. if this sounds like an idea that's difficult to explain or sell to the american people, you'd be right. so there are all kinds of different gymnastics being performed by the romney campaign last week. they have tried to sell us this trickle down, tax cut fairy dust before and guess what, it doesn't work. >> the romney campaign responded to those words saying, "president obama recently said the biggest regret was not telling better stories, he's trying to make up for it now, but his stories aren't true." dick cheney is clarifying his recent comment about sarah palin when he said it was a "mistake" for john mccain to pick palin as his running mate. he tried to walk back those remarks. >> it wasn't against the palin or the basic process he used. my problem dealt with the
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process in terms of that basic requirement. is this person prepared to step in to be president when they are picked. it was my judgment, i was asked if i thought the mccain process in '08 was well done and i thought it was a mistake. it's not a criticism of governor palin as it is i just thought it was not -- the process didn't meet the standards i would like to see our candidate pursue when they pick a running mate. >> cheney also said he will not be attending the convention in tampa. however, rick santorum has agreed now to speak during that convention. coming up on "way too early," it doesn't get much better than this. another thrilling moment from the summer games as team usa battles for a spot in the gold medal match in women's soccer. willie will have highlights and a look at the competitions. mitt romney breaks out the
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blue jeans for a trip to the local hardware store. we'll show you what's on his shopping list when "way too early" comes right back. >> i never dreamed of this. it it says to me and everyone else that every day we're lucky enough to be alive by the grace of god. it's full of possibilities. and miracles happen. and i consider this a miracle for which i'm grateful.
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bring you back at 5:41. a beautiful look at jefferson memorial. we'll find out how the rest of the country is going to look today. bill karins is standing by.
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>> that's the first sign of the sun. all summer we have had bright sunshine and sunrises. now the days are getting shorter. >> we're all getting older. you know how it goes. >> i don't know about your hair getting grayer. as far as ernesto goes, trying to become a hurricane later on today. still not heading for the united states. it looks like it's making landfall tonight. possibly as a low-end hurricane. shouldn't do much damage. then it's going to blow itself into the southern gulf and dissipate over the terrain in mexico. hundreds of miles away from the texas coastline. we don't get the beneficial rain. that's probably the bad news. we avoid any potential destruction. what a beautiful day. it's a gorgeous morning from the great lakes through new england. the humidity is still higher than we'd like from about d.c. southwards. but the humidity levels are low in some areas and it's going to
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be a beautiful day. we'll have thunderstorms that will be plentiful from atlanta to orlando. looking great in the northern portions of the plains. hot in chicago. today will be the hottest day of the week. as far as the heat wave forecast, we can't catch a break. it was 105 yesterday in oklahoma city. e today you'll do that all over again probably. 104 in dallas. still a chance of a few storms around alabama and mississippi. for the drought regions, really no signs of rain this week at all. >> as we get later into august, is it looking any better? >> not really. august is typically the driest month of the year in the plains. we can't tell until we get the cold front. >> ernesto is going to do nothing? >> if we could get a tropical storm in texas, that would be perfect. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. want to go back to willie live in london for more highlights. that soccer game had had everybody sitting on their seats. is there a usa women's hero win
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that's emerged? >> alex morgan. but canada feels like they should be after the game. in the 73rd minute, christine claire, one of the best players of all time, puts her third goal in to give them a lead. they can start to smell it. here's where controversy starts. erin mccloud is penalized for holding the ball for more than six seconds. a call you don't see very often. that leads to an indirect free kick for megan rapinoe. she couldn't get out of the way. it's called a handball. another disputed call there. there's no chance for her to get out of the way. canada didn't like that call. that sets up this. amy wambach taking the penalty kick for the united states and she drills it. that ties the game at 3 in the 80th minute.
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you can see she sneaks it inside the left post there. tied up at 3, but in controversial fashion. now with 30 seconds to go before we go to a shootout, this is in overtime. alex morgan with the header. sends it into the back of the net for the victory. if they had gone 30 more seconds, they would have gone into a shootout. but in extra time in overtime, alex morgan puts it away. now canada not happy that the united states is moving on to the gold medal game against japan. here are some of the quotes from them. sinclair says, we feel cheated. it's sad the ref decided the result before it started. the referee will have to sleep in her bed after watching the replays, she has a lot to live with. and alyssa said she told the official, i hope you can sleep tonight and put on your american jersey because that's who you played for today. canada did not like those calls.
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they feel like that cost them a chance to play for the gold medal on thursday. but as it stands, it will be the united states and japan on thursday. in men's hoops, not much controversy as the u.s. bet up on argentina in its final game of pool play. argentina loaded with players. the united states pulls away in a 42-point third quarter. kevin durant lead the way. a gold medal for jen sure, the american takes gold with this vault of vault. her third straight gold medal. so gold there for jen. the men's 400. karani james of grenada wins in
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43.94. the tiny nation erupted in celebration. the government declared tuesday afternoon a national holiday. that's today. remember only about 100,000 people on that island and now a gold medal. james is a track star for a couple years at university of alabama and now a gold medalist. how is this for a story? u.s. competitor nick delpopolo in judo, he competed in the 73 kilogram category. he finished seventh but he's been expelled from the london olympic games for testing positive for marijuana. he's now apologized to organizers, fans and fellow athletes for what he says was an "unwitting pot browny he ate in new york." he thought it was a brownie. it turns out a friend put weed in the brownie. so he's kicked out of the games. here's the explanation. after making frantic phone calls following the failed drug test,
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a family member confessed the brownie she had baked contained marijuana. i slept the entire four-hour drive home the day i ate the brownie but thought i was just extremely tired from training and travel. what advantage would weed give an olympic athlete? here's the medal table. china continues to lead the gold medal count with 31. great britain putting together a great games. 18 gold medals, 40 all together here. for today nbc's prime time olympic coverage feeshs jordyn wieber alongside aly raise man. she will also compete in the balance beam final. and on the track, lolo jones hopes to live up to the hype with a gold medal tonight in the
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100 meter hurdles. she will face competition from her own teammate dawn harp er. and on the sand, misty may-treanor and kerri walsh, that duo in the semi final trying to take the next step toward a gold medal three pete. the talk of the games this morning is that usa/canada game last night. >> it's not the judo pot brownie? >> it's a nice one to throw the family under the bus. >> who is this family member? special brownies, don't touch um. >> every family has their recipes. sglsmts coming up at the top of the hour, president obama compares mitt romney to the prince of thooefs suggesting the republicans tax plan is robinhood in reverse. when we come back, reaction to nasa's trip to mars.
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when "way too early" comes back. fpz [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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show that karani james won last night giving grenada its first medal in olympic competition. but there are still countries waiting for the first piece of hardware. 78 of the 204 countries represented at the olympic games have never won an olympic medal. along with grenada, cyprus has never won a medal but they got on the board yesterday with a silver medal in sailing. we gather around the water cooler to watch mitt romney doing his best to show us he really is just a regular guy. yesterday in new hampshire with the press pool following closely behind, the republican candidate needed to take care of a few errands. first stop, a local hardware store. >> governor, what did you buy? >> hardware stuff. >> what are you building? >> going to the grocery store now. >> now on to the grocery store where the shopping list included
2:54 am
caffeine free diet coke and two ears of corn on sale two for $1. what's he prepping for? >> i have some folks coming over today. >> who are they? rob portman or tim pawlenty? >> are you going to cook today? >> i'll make my own dinner, yeah. that's not exactly cooking. >> there you have it. when you raise $101 million in one month, why not treat yourself to something ice nice. ears of corn. jon stewart and stephen colbert talked about the nasa rover. >> we have seven minutes to get to the top of the atmosphere to the surface of mars going from 13,000 miles an hour to 0. >> go on.
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>> the parachute is the largest parachute we have ever built. >> we have to get the heat shield off. >> the parachute will only slow to 200 miles an hour. we have to cut it off. then come down in rockets. >> they are never going to make it. what happens next? >> as the rover touches down and is now on the ground, it's in a collision course. it must fly to a safe distance. >> the rover is now ready to collect rocks. >> i would like to congratulate the team at the jet propulsion laboratory or jpl. you are steely eyed missile men and you deserve every missed
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high five of your celebration. it was nice to see that nasa saved money by hiring folks from the local best buy. and folks, just try to conceive of what was achieved this morning. we gently landed a one-ton, six-wheel suv millions of miles from earth. that on star lady is getting good. we now have two rovers on the surface of mars and three satellites orbiting it. basically, if the planets are a tray of donuts, we have now licked mars. it's ours. e we already had the moon. we just need venus for the month poply and we can start building hotels on them. still ahead, your tweets, texts and e-mails.
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